Holiness means wholeness.

To say that “God is holy” is referring to the wholeness, fullness, beauty, and abundant life that comes from Him. God lacks nothing. He is unbroken, undamaged, unfallen, completely complete and entire within Himself. He is the indivisible One, wholly self-sufficient, and the picture of perfection.

Holiness means perfection in the sense of completion. When Jesus the Holy One came exhorting us to “Be perfect,” He was inviting us to a life of wholeness and holiness (see Matthew 5:48). The Greek word for “perfect” means “complete” or “whole.” Jesus was saying, “Be whole as your Father in heaven is whole.” Jesus came to make broken people whole. He was calling us to the life that was His.

The major focus of the Holiness Church is the doctrine of "Christian perfection" or "entire sanctification." This doctrine encourages the seeking of a "higher Christian life" of "victory over" or "cleansing from" intentional or voluntary sin. We believe this is achieved in a "second blessing" or a crisis experience subsequent to conversion. In the Wesleyan expressions of this doctrine, it is a crisis is a point of personal realization of our need for a full renewal in the Holy Spirit.

The phase "baptism of the Holy Ghost" refers to the experience of "entire sanctification".

We differ from fundamentalism and evangelicalism in that we are more concerned for the spiritual life than doctrine. Our emphasis on sanctification leads us in the natural direction of serving God as "good and faithful servants".

We believe in the Gospel message, which teaches us about salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

Is God calling you to a deeper, personal walk with Him?

The Holiness Church of the Nazarene believes everyone is called to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We understand sanctification as a work of God which transforms believers into the likeness of Christ. It is given by God’s grace through the Holy Spirit in initial sanctification and He continues the perfecting work in us towards entire sanctification. We are to glorify God in all that we say and do, He alone is worthy of all of our praise.

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